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Understanding AshBy Chris Wiberg | May 26, 2020

For operations struggling with ash and slagging, the solution can often be found in the management of potential contamination sources. It's important to understand differences between tree species, and varying inclusion rates of bark, dirt and dust.

When it comes to biomass fuels, it really doesn’t matter which market you serve, ash content is always a very important parameter. For residential pellet-burning appliances, very low ash is generally desired, as the amount of ash directly relates to how often a stove needs to be cleaned. For power markets, higher amounts of ash are manageable, but how much ash can be managed is dependent on the type of combustion system, as well as the mineral composition of the ash, which is related to slagging. While the concept of ash seems simple, there are a lot of factors that determine how much ash will be present and how it will affect a combustion system.

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