Global Lab Services for the Biomass Market

Who We Are

Biomass Energy Lab

Biomass Energy LabBEL was formed in September of 2011 to provide a system of services that enables biomass fuel producers and users to comply with any standard/certification system, both domestically and internationally. As a joint venture between Timber Products Inspection and the Control Union USA Inc., Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) is designed to handle all aspects of your biomass product export.

Under the umbrella of BEL and our founding companies, third party testing, inspection, auditing, quality management consulting, QA/QC sampling, logistics, supply chain auditing and sustainability are covered. A complete solution for the biomass fuels industry.

Control Union USA

Control Union USAControl Union is an independent global service provider offering specialized services comprised of inspection, logistics and certification of biomass and biofuel products.  Our company has been actively servicing the bio based energy business since the first introduction of biomass and biofuels as replacement of fossil fuels.
Because they value quality, Control Union has a long history in accreditation. Their scope of accredited services comprises amongst others: ISO 9001, 14001, 17020, 17021, 17025, 22000, 45011, etc. 
In our capacity as an independent service provider, we have built long term relationships with all parties in the supply chain of bio based commodities. In addition, we are continuously involved and consulted on new developments and projects. Through our network of offices, we offer access to a team of best in class specialists.
Control Union is present in almost 70 countries, with the USA headquarters in Saint Rose, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans).  Our in depth knowledge of and experience in all aspects of the logistics chain makes us second to none within the industries in which we are active. Our international network of offices enables us to offer our customers a full range of services around the globe.

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Timber Products Inspection

Timber ProductsTimber Products Inspection (TP) is the largest independent wood products inspection and testing agency in the US. Since 1969, TP continually strives to provide high quality inspection services to all of their customers while maintaining the integrity and assurance long associated with their name. TP's determination has kept them on the leading edge of the industry, while their ambitious entrepreneurial spirit allows the flexibility to respond to the every changing needs of their clients. TP is one of the largest agencies in the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) Untreated Program; the largest agency in the ALSC Treated Program; the largest agency in the ALSC Wood Packing Material (WPM) Program; and the only ALSC approved grading agency that has representation in all regions of the US. Continuing to partner with their clients' needs, their growth has continued to now include a comprehensive chemistry lab focused on the domestic biomass and pellet market.