Testing Services BEL is an ISO 17025 accredited third-party testing laboratory with the capability of performing analysis in accordance with ASTM, CEN/EN and ISO solid biofuel test methods.

Our clientele includes private individuals, entrepreneurs, retail organizations, power plants, as well as a variety of wood pellet fuel manufactures that sell product within the US or export overseas. It is common for pellet fuel export contracts to specify that testing must be conducted in accordance with CEN/EN and ISO solid biofuel test methods and that the laboratory be fully accredited to ISO 17025.

If you are looking for an ENplus certification for your wood pellet fuel, BEL can guide you through the process, perform the audit on site at your facility and test your fuel to ensure you meet all criteria. By utilizing our parent company Timber Products, we can also provide services to qualify your wood pellet fuel under the PFI Standards Program.

BEL's analytical services include (but are not limited to) the following:

In addition to providing laboratory testing services, BEL has the knowledge to assist you with test methodology. As an active participant in several solid biofuel standards development initiatives, BEL can help you understand and ultimately select test methods best suited for your purpose. If you have a specific product need, BEL can assist in developing new testing methods.